Summer NAMM 2018, Day 1

First day of Summer NAMM, covering the convention for Emoji Pedal Reviews. I'm absolutely exhausted so take these quick thoughts, I promise more later:

  1. It was so good to see old friends

  2. I met Kaleb Romero! He's a celebrity to me, for the way he carries himself. A true classy dude and I'm glad to finally meet, having followed him for years

  3. My buddies Jim and Gid

  4. Oh man, everything Elliott Guitars brought was so good

  5. 100% pass on the new Boss wireless. We were in a 2.4GHz heavy atmosphere so take this with a grain of salt, but it was unplayable through the wireless interference. That said, there were routers all over the convention hall and every single company has a 2.4 gadget right now it seems, so idk

  6. Pretty, gaudy Gibson 335. Lil tiny Vox