What they aren't telling you

The news media—journalists and networks and expert panels and pundits on cable TV or online—they have a job to do. That job is to keep you informed about what's happening right now around the world. What's happening right now?—that's the question 'news' seeks to answer for us each time we tune in.

Here's what they aren't telling you: They aren't telling you what's not happening around the world. What I mean by that is, the cable news won't come to you reporting, "I'm live on the ground in an active peace-zone, where no conflict or warfare has broken out in the past decade!"

They don't tell us about the scientists and doctors plugging away in their research laboratories, working on the next great medical advancement, because prevention isn't dramatic.

They don't tell us about the delegations where all representatives were of one accord. They don't tell us about nations at peace that were once at war. Or about terrorist attacks that didn't happen. Or of children who didn't die of hunger.

They report memorable events. Did you know that falling off of ladders kills far more people than tornadoes do each year? I didn't (before hearing from Steven Pinker on the subject). That's because the news doesn't report on ladder deaths—they report on widespread, sweeping, devastating localized and rare catastrophes. That's their job.

So don't despair. Don't let the news lead you to believe our world is spinning off axis. God is still very much in control. Our universe is still very much governed by the laws of nature. Science is still making astute observations that will lead us into further enlightenment as men and women.

Parents are parenting, children are dreaming, teachers are teaching, politicians are governing, men with jobs to do are doing their jobs and men without jobs are searching in earnest, artists are creating—all over the world there are ordinary people doing ordinary things with extraordinary heroism, kindness, patience, and strength.

Be happy. Be happy to be able to contribute to things that aren't happening around the world. Be happy to be part of a community that's gone unreported on for some time. That's a gift.