Simply begin again

I'm restarting the daily blog thing. There's something so right about wiping the slate clean and starting over. It does my brain good—relaxes me, I guess.

Maybe it's the anxiety I experience when I think about what I've written, standing forever on the Internet. That people who read in future might fail to see how my views have evolved.

Minds change, you know? It's not unordinary. And I don't presume to think I have all the answers right now. I can't stand behind every little thing I've said in the past like some people can, I'm not that confident (read: arrogant).

Despite all that, I'm going to pick up the daily blog again. Fresh. Starting over is a good thing.

In my training in the gym, I've been coached to push to the point of failure and push past failure if I can. It's in the failure, if you've got proper form, where gains are made.

In my meditation practice, whenever my mind wanders, I've been told to simply begin again. It is the noting and returning that marks success in meditation. Take note, come back. That's a win.

Following Jesus, I've learned to let tomorrow worry about itself, to ask for only what I need to survive today, to take everyday one day at a time.

Rethinking failure, simply beginning again, and taking one day at a time—that's going to be the spirit of this daily blog, which will be about simple living.

I've blogged since 2008, but after some time off I felt it felt right to hit reset and return with a new sense of purpose.

Thanks for rejoining me. See you tomorrow.