'Practicalism' is the cure for other -ism's

Google 'practicalism' and you'll find several ideas about what the term ought to mean, with very little consensus. The good thing is that consensus—in this case—isn't all that important.

Wikipedia says that practicalism is a form of government where all decisions are voted upon directly by the people.

Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster call it a "devotion to practical matters."

The Oxford Living Dictionary equates practicalism with the philosophy of pragmatism. The Collins Dictionary does too.

Another top hit on Google is from a guy named Karl Groves. He writes well. His definition of practicalism: "[The idea that] an action should be chosen based upon what choices are realistic." I get a bit nervous though when he concludes that the goal of practicalism should be perfection. I can see that quickly devolving into nervous perfectionism. 

Lastly, on Google's first page there's an Amazon e-book that puts practicalism forth as a 'solution' to capitalism and to communism. Do either need solving?

Sure, the idea of practicalism could incorporate more practical approaches to government. It could represent a philosophical movement, I guess. It might also aid in assessing what is most realistic. Those are all ideas, and there is nothing wrong with an idea.

I, too, have some ideas about what practicalism means. The thing is, practicalism is less concerned with the ideas—mine or yours—and much more concerned with putting those ideas into practice. Rubber, meet road.

Less talkie-talkie, more walkie-walkie. Put your boots on and go get something done. Go act on the ideas you've been talking about for so long.

Practicalism values action over apathy or anxious overthinking. It invites you to trust yourself—things are exactly as they seem. It beckons you to live in the now, asserting that the good life is built with today's tools—the things you've got right there in front of you.

Hopes and dreams can't build the home you've so carefully curated on Pinterest, you need a hammer and nails. Get real with yourself and get moving.

Practicalism asks what's most sensible, and thus most attainable using the tools you already own. It asks what's most realistic, and thus most authentic or honest.

Though society has praised the dreamers, we could all stand to become a bit more practical.